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Brian Gieszler


Brian Gieszler is a native of Washington State and grew up in Kennewick, WA, graduating from Kamiakin High School and Columbia Basin College. He was accepted into the Rule 6 Legal Intern program through the Washington State Bar Association and successfully completed the course in 2017, passing the Bar in the same year. Brian practices criminal law, bankruptcy, probate, and estate planning.

"Bankruptcy has a bit of a bad reputation and is often times referenced in a negative way. I try my best to explain to people that bankruptcy is a good option to have when you are overcome with debt, especially medical and credit debt. In most situations you get to keep your assets including your home and vehicles. A chapter 7 is sometimes referred to as a "fresh start" and that is exactly what happens when you are able to get your unsecured debts discharged through this process." 

"A criminal charge can be a stressful and difficult situation. Having an attorney who is familiar with the process and procedure is essential to a successful resolution. Communication is very important, and I tell my clients this is their case, they are in charge, and do my best to advise them."

If you have criminal or bankruptcy questions, contact Brian at or (509) 414-7650.

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